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Published on Stir Yves Charuest; Agustí Fernández; Nicolas Caloia; Peter Valsamis Tour de Bras TDB 9021cd ( The group involved in Stir begins as an unrecorded Montreal-based trio called Still that consists of alto saxophonist Yves Charuest, bassist Nicolas Caloia and drummer Peter Valsamis, then adds the titanic Spanish pianist Agustí Fernández. It’s a collective performance by a compound ensemble devoted to free jazz, but there’s also a sense of traditional roles, with Charuest and Fernández frequently in the foreground. Charuest runs counter to expectations for free jazz saxophonists, his playing consistently lyrical, often understated, his brief, sometime

Atomic Ape live at the Blue Whale. LA

I got a chance to play some poly-metric world metal jazz with the very talented band Atomic Ape! I met Jason while touring with the band miRthkon opening up for the band Secret Chiefs 3. After a few years we finally got to collaborate on some music. Working on recording some darbuka for their upcoming CD.

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