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Peter Valsamis is a Los Angeles-based drummer/percussionist/composer/sound designer. His unique approach to drumming synthesizes a variety of musical styles into his own unique sound. He has performed with Trance Mission, Emeline Michel, Martine St. Clair, Mitsou, Cecil Taylor, Don Preston, Walter Aziz, Dana Reason, Steve Lacy, and many others. Peter is also an accomplished composer and sound designer, working on titles such as Transformers, Star Trek, Battleship, The Price is Right, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune. Peter received his M.F.A. in Electronic Music and Recording Media from Mills College.


Stir, Yves Charuest, Agusti Fernandez, Nicolas Caloia, Peter Valsamis (tour de bras) 2017

Reasoning, Dana Reason 2014

Angle of Vision, Dana Reason (482 Music) 2013

Pure Jam, John Acer 2011

Pictures of Tuva, Chirgilchin (Pure Nature Music) 2008

Two Rooms Of Uranium Inside 83 markers, MOE! Staiano's MOE!KESTRA! (Edgetone Records) 2007

An Inescapable Siren Within Earshot Distance Therein And Other Whereabouts, MOE! Staiano's MOE!KESTRA! (Amanita, Rastascan Records) 2006

Tourrorists!, Porest (Abduction Records) 2006

Akitu, Walter Aziz (East Jam) 2006

Live, Sound on Survival (Henceforth) 2005

ImagiNation Club, Eda Maxym (Family Tree) 2005

American Roadwork, Sound on Survival (Lisle Ellis, Marco Eneidi, Peter Valsamis) - (CIMP) 2004

Amalgam(e), Compilation, (Red Toucan Records) 2004

Around About Now, Jack West and Curvature (Ahead Behind Music) 2003

this is, or-if-is (h-machine) 2003

Two forms of Multitudes, MOE! Staiano's MOE!KESTRA! (DKM, pax, Edgetone) 2003

In My Heart, Win Marcinak, 2003

here, Trance Mission (independent) 2002

Oil and Water, Stephen Kent (Intuition) 2002

Configurations 2002, Jim Ryan's Forward Energy (Edgetone Records) 2002

Talking Drum, Chris Brown (Sonore) 2001

ThreeFor, Rick Starbuck 2001

Away, Walter Aziz (East Jam Records) 2001

SoundScrolls, S. Eric Scribner (KL5 Records) 2001

Moving Into Love, Win Marcinak (Burning Tyger Music) 2001

The Lateness of Yearly Presentations, MOE! Staiano (DKM, Amanita) 2001

Sonya D, Sonya D, 2001

Please Come Down, James Combs (Ubiquity) 2001

Che, Tommy Chavez 2000

A Day Out Of Time, Trance Mission (City of Tribes) 1999

As We Know It, Jack West and Curvature (Ahead Behind Music) 1999

Busy Thoughts, Peter Valsamis 1999

Sound Box 2.0, Compilation (Kiasma) 1999

Tracks, Mick Diener 1998

Chronic Bliss, Mitch Tobias 1998

PEERING OVER, Tom Nunn's edgewalker experimental instruments consort (Ramp Records) 1998

subrealto protoplasto, Sean Paul Zitello (eiei/o media) 1998

Whose forest?, NOMA (Hornblower recordings) 1998

Change, Walter Aziz (W/A) 1998

Audio Alchemy 2, Square (with Paul Scriver) (Ubiquity) 1997

Border Crossings, Dana Reason Peter Valsamis duo (Red Toucan) 1997

The Event Horizon,Trance Mission (city of tribes) 1997

Live at the Yellow Room, Forward Energy (jimzeen productions) 1997

Remix Project, Better Daze (Ubiquity) 1997

Bouzouki Party Pack Vol. 1 (independent) 1996

Word Up, Compilation (Virgin music) 1995

Kumbaya Album Nineteen Ninety Four, Compilation (Sony Music) 1994

Blue History, John Sobol Poetry Band (Word of Mouth) 1991

Climbing the Waltz, NOMA (Contextural Music) 1991

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